We believe that coaching is essential when it comes to sending out church planters.

A great COACH?

Comes alongside? as one who wants the best for both the person and their project.

Observes carefully? and helps identify outcomes.

Asks questions wisely? listening more than telling.

Clarifies options and resources? helping think beyond first visible impressions to other viable options.

Holds accountable and cares for the heart? so leaders can grow personally, be more effective and make their maximum impact for the Kingdom. (Tim Roehl)

Below is a list of profiles for NCD coaches:

Rev. Paul Brunstetter
Director of New Church Development
(502) 425-3884


Rev. Eliseo A. Mejia-Leiva
Click here for a short bio of Rev. Eliseo A. Mejia-Leiva.


Dr. Iosmar Alvarez
Click here for a short bio of Iosmar Alvarez


Rev. Shannon Cain
Click here for a short bio of Shannon Cain


Rev. David Calhoun
Click here for a short bio of David Calhoun




Other contacts include your District Superintendent and the NCD representative from your district.

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