River City UMC’s Story

Being a multisite congregation gives River City UMC a lot of advantages. Because we belong to a larger and more established church, we immediately have a youth group and can be a part of large mission events, such as foreign mission trips and health clinics and have access to resources that most church plants aren?t not. We have a deep partnership with St. Matthews UMC that will help River City grow to a self-sustaining church. St. Matthews and River City United Methodist Churches are convinced that we can reach more people in Louisville, KY with the love of Christ together than we can apart.

River City United Methodist Church will launch weekly services beginning Sunday, October 18th, 2015 at 10:30AM. Our meeting space is located at the Louisville Campus of Campbellsville University, 2303 Greene Way, Louisville, KY 40220.

“My family & I enjoy the fellowship and acceptance at River City. Even with our Catholic upbringing, we feel welcome at River City. Pastor Derek has welcomed us to participate in all Church functions and the congregation has the same open-arms mentality. We are thankful to have become involved in a congregation like this.?

“We enjoy the open, inclusive and relaxed atmosphere at River City. Through their message of outreach and involvement in the community, it allows you to truly see how God works in every one of us.?

“I love how welcoming River City is! The congregation isn’t all that similar to me in terms of age and life situation, but I still feel like I belong, which is pretty great. I also really appreciate how empowering and uplifting the sermons are while still being realistic and honest.?